Applied Solution

Attachment 5.   Site Dispatch Control

The ALTI-ESS will come with Altairnano’s standard Site Dispatch Control (SDC).

The SDC utilizes an ABB PCL with system support for the following functions:
  • IEEE 1547 and IEC 61850 Compliance
  • Read and relay Automated Generation Control (AGC) signal
  • Compute the real and reactive power commands for the PCS system
  • Support manual-mode operation
  • Relay “readiness” signals from the Grid Protection Equipment to the PCS
  • Command the Grid Protection equipment to open or close the main breaker (provided by Buyer)

The site dispatch control can be programmed with a site specific frequency regulation, PV smoothing, wind power smoothing, or other Smart grid algorithm. This algorithm is optional and will be quoted as a development program in a follow-on proposal.

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