Applied Solution

Attachment 3.
ALTI-ESS Specifications Components:

The ALTI-ESS is comprised of the following systems/components:

  • One (1) 20’ Power Control System (PCS) with one inverter channel
  • One (1) 53’ Altairnano Power Modules (ALTI-PM)
  • One (1) Standard Site Dispatch Controller (SDC)

Power Module Description (per 1 MW, 250kWh Container):

Included Items:
  • ISO 53 ft Shipping Container
    Exterior dimensions of 8’ wide X 53’ long X 9.6’ high
    Self contained with a minimum of external components
    Transportable via highway, rail, and vessels
    2 man doors
    3” Thermax (polyisocyanurate) insulation (R19) in outside walls and ceiling
    Galvanized perforated panels on interior walls and ceiling
    70” x 21” alcove with dual exterior doors for CO₂ bottles
    6” rolled fiberglass insulation (R13) under metal floor
    Solid metal panels under interior flooring
    1” deep catch tray in container with Rhino epoxy coating
    Outlets fore and aft
    Safety and emergency exit signage and lighting above man doors
    Lock out / Tag out station
    9 ceiling mounted lights
    Exterior alcove for CO₂ bottles to have wall mounted forced air electric heat
    2 vents to prevent excessive pressure build-up upon CO₂ release
    Designed to seismic zone 4 criteria
    Cat 3 hurricane ( 130 mph )
    Exterior double cone twist lock anchors
    Exterior coating to reflect solar radiation (suitable for 20yr life in coastal environment)
  • Nano Lithium Titanate (nLTO) battery system:
    Rack structure and lift mechanism
    48-Line Replaceable Units (containing Altairnano nano Lithium-Titanate cells)
    (depending on the option selected)
    Battery Management System
    oWiring harnesses
    Copper busing
    DC disconnect
    Fusing on DC output to the drive equipment
    Knife switches to separate each row of LRU’s from the Battery System
    HVAC temperature set point controllable by BMS
    Ground fault detection system

  • CO₂ fire suppression system compliant with NFPA 12 code
    2 smoke detectors
    2 heat detectors
    Manual pull stations
    Master control unit
    Key operated arming control box
    Central dispersion

  • Maintenance “By-pass” valve
    Exterior access to CO2 bottles for ease of service
    Alarms for discharge, trouble and maintenance
    HVAC shutdown when discharge occurs
  • HVAC system
    AC units
    10kW electric heat in each AC unit
    Precision cooling, non-condensing humidity control
    Remote set-point control capability
    Shutdown when fire suppression system discharges

  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
    Power back-up with sufficient energy to shut down system in the event of a local power failure

  • Industrial Grade Computer
    15” Touch screen LCD computer
    1.6 GHz processor
    Fanless and low power consumption

  • Eye wash station
  • Safety locker

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