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Attachment 2.
Main Technical characters for ALTI-ESS complex (Electrical).

ALTI-ESS Specifications (per 1MW/250kWh system

AC Voltage 480VAC
Power Rating As delivered 1.2MVA continuous (1MW)
Energy at Grid 250kWh
Response Time + 1MW to - 1MW 20 milliseconds
Operating Temperature Factory designed standard range -10°C to 50°C
Extended range available to -40°C and 55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C and 55°C
Cell Size 50 A Hour
Standard Configuration: Frequency 60Hz Nominal
50Hz Capable, including Auxiliary Loads
Voltage Operating Range as defined by ANSI C84.1 and IEEE 1547
Roundtrip Efficiency > 86% at Full Power
The ALTI-ESS system is compliant with the following standards: IEEE 1547, IEEE 1547.1, IEEE 519, IEEE 979, IEEE C62.41.2-2002, IEEE 80, IEEE142-2007, IEEE 37.90.2-1996, UL 1741, ANSI C84.1, ANSI/IEEE C2-2007, ANSI C37.06, NFPA 70, NFPA 79, NEC Article 480, OSHA
1926.441 and FCC Title 47 part 15 Class A.

The system performance and warranty is based on the following conditions and operating Parameters being maintained:

Maximum ambient temperature 50°C
Minimum ambient temperature -40°C
Altitude (up to) 3,300 Ft. above MSL
Frequency 50 Hz
Auxiliary power voltage 400 VAC
Wind Design Category 3
Seismic Design Zone 4

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