Applied Solution

Attachment 1. Altairnano’s Benefits in Advanced Energy Storage Systems .

The utilization of advanced energy storage technologies is an essential part of modern utilities effort to transform the electricity grid to more effectively respond to changes in energy generation, utilization, and policy. The ALTI-ESS will strengthen the efficiency, resiliency and reliability of the electricity grid, helping energy providers achieve sustainable and economic power and energy management practices.
The ALTI-ESS will free up reserves typically operated for frequency regulation and spinning reserve. By replacing conventional fossil fuel capacity with stored energy, greater fossil fuel capacity can be dedicated to base load electricity production to, in turn, generate higher revenue.
An added benefit is the reduction of CO2 emissions achieved by allowing the storage systems to essentially recycle energy already on the grid via charge and discharge, and thus avoid the need to inefficiently ramp power plants up and down. Additional ancillary services, including spinning
reserve, reactive power, and even supplemental reserve, are also within reach of the ALTI-ESS.
The ALTI-ESS is a clean, energy efficient solution for managing grid stability. It reduces dependencies on conventional generation required for frequency regulation. Based on advanced nano lithium titanate (nLTO) technology, the Power Module can respond within milliseconds to frequency fluctuations by releasing or absorbing power from the electricity grid. This helps improve equipment and capacity utilization, strengthen operational efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions..



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