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Ultimex Engineering Corp. is inventions oriented science and technology establishment, whose R&D activities aim at ecologically sound methods and processes in the fields of energy, mining and waste management. In a pursuit of ways of preventing pollutions, maintaining integrity and sustaining pristine conditions of surrounding environment we are working closely together with numerous organizations inspired by the same ideas while advancing similar goals.
Our business cooperation with ALTAIR NANO, Inc. is just one of many samples of such mutual efforts. Nowadays ALTAIR NANO is a widely recognized world leader in creating peerless technologies and equipments in the fields of a ‘Smart Grids’ development.

Having started at corporate office meetings, introductions to and attendance at the ALTAIR NANO, Inc. manufacturing and installation facilities, a present day ALTAIR NANO – Ultimex collegiality and cooperation has advanced to technical exchanges between our specialists and respective consultations addressing thorough studies of the ALTAIR NANO methodologies and an acquisition of knowledge and understanding of production aspects of details, components and modules, as well as intricacies of assembling finished goods, such as energy-storage complexes.
Presently in accordance with agreements reached with ALTAIR NANO, Inc. we are in a process of negotiations with numerous potential customers on the territories of Russian Federation.
Meantime, we have just completed preparations for upcoming visit by delegation of specialists from Russia aimed at developments of terms and conditions for a construction and deployment of respective production facilities in of the regions of Russian Federation.
Also under consideration is a development of similar projects in a number of Latin American States.
As an official representative of ALTAIR NANO, Inc. while conducting any kind of business transactions, our company is acting as a distributor for finished products, technology and equipment. .

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